Services for Employers

Dear employer!

Each organization is strong and competitive only provided with a skilled, strong, coherent, intelligent and decent team. For it is only on the basis of your organizational skills, successful ideas and the human factor that your profits and welfare will increase.

“Shans” Recruitment Agency, having a huge staff roster, provides staff recruitment at any level and in any field.

In the agency’s staff roster the following specialists are always present:

  • director of the company
  • operations manager
  • сrisis manager
  • project manager
  • production director
  • chief financial officer
  • chief accountant, accountant
  • economist
  • lawyer, customs broker, manager of foreign trade
  • trustee in bankruptcy
  • managing director
  • sales manager
  • sales manager, sales representative
  • regional representative
  • medical representative, supervisor
  • insurance agent, financial consultant
  • HR-manager, HR inspector
  • office manager
  • secretary
  • marketing director
  • marketing specialist, brand manager
  • chief engineer
  • technical director
  • capital construction director
  • project chief architect
  • construction engineer
  • foreman
  • IT director, system administrator
  • communications engineer
  • electrical engineer, power engineer
  • mechanical engineer, processing engineer
  • TCI engineer, quality engineer
  • heating engineer, instrumentation engineer
  • engineer electrician
  • engineer designer
  • estimator
  • furniture and interior designer
  • warehouse manager
  • logistics manager
  • hospital administrator
  • dentist assistant
  • restaurant administrator
  • hotel administrator

Years of work experience let us guarantee high quality and compliance with the culture of your company.
Any information obtained during the recruitment for your company is considered confidential and is not to be made public.